Meike Ziervogel/Writer

Trailer for Kauthar

Published by Salt in August 2015

Praise for KAUTHAR

‘This is a novel that cuts into the heart of a modern taboo – the white British female who chooses to become a Muslim – with sensitivity and insight… Meike Ziervogel grew up in Germany and came to London to study Arabic; her strong, spare writing cuts to the heart of a shocking story.’

Kate Saunders, THE TIMES

'Ziervogel goes bravely to the bleakest points of humanity and illuminates them with her lyrical and enthralling prose... It is a book that demands to be swallowed in one sitting, despite its bitter contents; one that, in its intensity, resonates and echoes for days after finishing it.'

Claire Hazelton, GUARDIAN


Meike's 4th novel, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, is out now.

'A writer of grace, forensic precision, and power.' Nicholas Lezard