Meike Ziervogel/Writer

Trailer for Kauthar

Published by Salt in August 2015


'This searching, beautifully written novel gets to the heart of woman's attempts to step out of the role of her mother's daughter, and make sense of the person she has become. Terrific.'

Kate Saunders, THE TIMES

'Stark and acutely observed realism... The result is visceral, bleak and moving.'

Claire Hazelton, GUARDIAN


Meike's 3rd novel KAUTHAR will be published by Salt in August 2015.

'Meike Ziervogel is becoming one of the most interesting figures in the contemporary British and European world, not just because she is a publisher of imagination and daring, but a writer of grace, forensic precision, and power. Rarely has someone given so much from sheer enthusiasm, and talent, and been so worth watching.'

Nicholas Lezard, GUARDIAN critic