Meike Ziervogel/Writer

Clara's Daughter: Reviews

'The deftly arranged sequence of scenes gradually reveals the fears and needs of each protagonist and their relationships with each other, outlined with a careful, thoughtful style that creates an unusual atmosphere of charged bleakness. Strange, but oddly impressive.' Harry Ritchie, Daily Mail

'Ziervogel’s prose is generally superb, with true flair and an originality that is rare when confronting such an everyday subject.' Rosin O'Connor, Independent on Sunday

'Stark and acutely observed realism... The result is visceral, bleak and moving.' Claire Hazelton, Guardian

'Clara’s Daughter is a devastating tale of our times… beautifully written, compelling and emotionally intelligent, it is a masterful achievement and represents the work of an author with a deep understanding of the frailty of human nature.' Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

'This searching, beautifully written novel gets to the heart of woman's attempts to step out of the role of her mother's daughter, and make sense of the person she has become. Terrific.' Kate Saunder, Times

'At a striking pace, the narrative switches between the perspectives of different characters, and the sense of emotional disconnect between them becomes ever more visceral and claustrophobic.' Anna Savva, The Lady

'I’ll stick my neck out and christen Meike ‘Queen of the Novella’. I hope to read many more, whether written by her or published by her. Meanwhile I’d highly recommend that you get your hands on Clara’s Daughter. (9/10)' Annabel's House of Books

'A cleverly drawn, intricately plotted portrait of a family in which people are forced apart not because they don’t love each other, but because of their inability to articulate that love and act on it. Thought-provoking stuff.' Andrew Blackman, A Writer's Life

'Ziervogel writes powerfully about the ties that bind families together, and the difficulty of escaping the past. Clara’s Daughter demonstrates again Ziervogel’s ability to produce tense, dramatic novels, with multiple narrative viewpoints incorporated into a tightly contained whole.' Workshy Fop

'It feels like the autopsy of a network of family relationships, with the writer as a highly skilled pathologist and the readers as mesmerized medical students.' Patricia Duffauf, The Bookbag

'Ziervogel touches on something fundamental in the relationship between mothers, daughters, and sisters with all the subtle elements of competition, expectation, resentment, and disappointment that are integral to that particular combination. It's a good book, and short, well worth reading - and that's before you even begin to consider the portrait of a wound down marriage - which is also excellent.' Desperate Reader

'It’s occasionally chilling but has a distinct ring of truth about it. I came away from the book feeling slightly unnerved, as if I’d had a ringside seat at a family gathering I wasn’t supposed to attend. It’s not designed to be voyeuristic, but the characters are so realistically drawn, so flawed and full of foibles, I felt I’d got personally caught up in their funny little power plays.' Reading Matters

'Clara's Daughter is an amazing book, packing so much into such a short space, and one that while telling a very specific story about two women raises matters that are of consequence to all of us. Best of all, it's a book that I expect to improve with further reading.' Our Book Reviews Online

'Clara’s Daughter is superb. Plan double the amount of time you need to read it, because you’re going to want to read it twice in quick succession.' The Worm Hole

'This slow burning novella turns into a powerful and original portrait of old age... The simplicity and reality of the writing makes it easy to read, gripping for its drama, sex and frustration.' Georgina Parfitt, Quadrapheme