Meike Ziervogel/Writer


Published August 2015

When longing for love results in violent delusion.

Lydia’s London life lacks purpose. Her discovery of mystical Islam – with its Arabic language and Shia rituals – offers her a new beginning. Lydia becomes Kauthar. When she falls in love with Rafiq, an Iraqi-born doctor, her life appears complete. Then Rafiq decides to return to war-torn Baghdad. For Kauthar love of God replaces love of her husband – with terrifying consequences.

‘Meike Ziervogel brings courage and delicacy, as well as deep cultural and psychological insight, to a terrifying theme. The imagination in impressive service, this is both a necessary and an astonishing novel.’ Moniza Alvi, poet

‘Meike Ziervogel really gets under the skin of her female protagonist. She has created a searing portrait of one woman’s psychic collapse and descent into religious extremism. A highly readable and timely narrative.’ Lucy Popescu, book critic

‘In a story that is grounded in recent current events, yet profoundly metaphysical and philosophical in the questions it poses about love, faith and aggression, Meike Ziervogel once again raises the bar of contemporary literary fiction.’ —Morag Charlwood, Shoreham Wordfest

Cover image by Whitney McVeigh.

150pp - £8.99 - ISBN 9781784630294

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